Come and relax in our specialist treatment room, designed to help you feel comfortable and at ease. Our experienced therapist will help you to tackle your concerns, habits or phobias. You can have an initial consultation or a full hypnotherapy session.


Hypnotherapy is a popular therapy, which is useful to help deal with stress, trauma, quitting a habit and dealing with a fear. Habits come in many forms, it can be repetitive behaviour, such as having to touch something a set amount of times.

Stress and anxiety, first of all your therapist will ask you some questions to establish the cause of your stress, how long you have been suffering and if you are taking any medication. Stress presents itself in many forms, this can include panic attacks, lack of sleep or constant worry.

There are different levels of hypnosis.

Usually it is a light meditative state that can be broken at any time. The session begins with relaxation, eyes open or closed. In a comfortable recliner chair that you chose the position of. The therapists will begin by helping you to feel at ease. It does not resemble the tap on the shoulder approach to send you to sleep as you may need to be able to talk to your therapist.

A deeper meditative state is often a voluntary mind set where the client is relaxing in the presence of the therapist and can open up, and travel back mentally to the problem. You can break the sleep at any time. Deeper meditative states are useful for fears and phobias, such as clowns, cheese, balloons, claustrophobia.

We currently have a female hypnotherapist, who can offer appointments during the day from 12 until 8pm, and Saturday mornings.