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Happy New Year

Everyone says this even if they are anything but happy. January is the busiest time of year for divorce. A sad but true fact.

January is also the moment to quit smoking, diet, change career, job or relationship.

So why do we need a set date to make a fresh start?

Research supports having a goal, however goals have to be realistic, so what do you want from your new resolution? A new beginning your way or a new year resolution because it is a starting point. There are some easy to steps to get started, you need a handful of commitment and plan to reward yourself.

Changing career is often in the top five resolutions, yet is the least likely to be achieved. Leaving the security of work however unhappy you may be is difficult.

Smoking is usually at the top of the list although this has started to fall over recent years as smoking has become less socially acceptable. With smokers in decline it highlights other personal aims that had been untargeted previously yet just as important.

Dieting has always been popular, and the success of slimming clubs, on line and diet food delivery services highlights this as a growth market. So why are we as a nation struggling to control our food intake. Convenience is a major issue. We work longer hours and cheap take away food is easy when you are chasing the clock.

Exercise, how many of us promise ourselves to walk more, join the gym, the sales of home gym equipment rise during December and January.

Relationships. Dissatisfaction with a relationship is highlighted during holiday time, during the Christmas holidays many families spend time together in an environment they are not familiar with, as creatures of habit it can make many feel uncomfortable and unsettled, tempers rise. Spending time with people we see rarely or choose not to at any other time adds extra pressure, how do you repair that relationship, or find out if you want to?

Why not come and see us for a first free consultation? Or come to a workshop? Couple coaching, individual relationship coaching, by email or Skype is available.  In clinic there are several options of different therapies including RTS which is exclusive to us. These are not counselling techniques of looking back, but coaching techniques to move forward.

Your confidentiality is guaranteed. A safe environment. Comfortable modern clinic room. Tailored service to suit your needs. Male and female coaches.