Feeling anxious or depressed, can be an all consuming feeling that makes everyday tasks a struggle. Going to work, looking after family, looking after yourself. When you reach a point like this it is a great idea to look for professional help.

Our counsellors are very experienced and can offer you help, support and guidance to get back on to your path for the future. The way you would like to feel.

Our counselling sessions will explore what has caused this to interrupt your life and work with you on how to change your current situation, looking forwards.

Our treatment room is comfortable and modern, confidentiality is guaranteed, we can offer male or female therapists.

If you would like couples counselling, this can be either together or separately.

Stress, a fear, phobia or habit can also be helped with the right counselling. An initial assessment to find out more about you and how we can help would be followed by a programme of counselling sessions.

Bereavement and grief counselling is available, with a very experienced female therapist who has also suffered loss, and therefore understands the grieving process in detail. To help you live alongside your loss without feeling guilty.