Hypnotherapy - quit smoking


Hypnotherapy, scary or positive?

Trying to find a cure for a long term habit becomes harder as time passes by. Some of the risk of not dealing with a phobia or habit is that it becomes part of your life and therefore difficult to imagine everyday without it. Most people who smoke factor in to their day time to smoke, making sure they have cigarettes, or the money to buy some, and it rules the thoughts of the day. At work, cigarette break, at home, rest time.

As a society we have even made allowances to change our routine and social time to accommodate changes in the law. Such as not smoking inside a public building, or smoking outside at a pub or restaurant. A whole new generation of smokers only know a time where these restrictions have been in place. Yet to satisfy our habits and cravings we give into these requirements.

So to break from this routine feels difficult. It is manageable. It is achievable. More and more people are looking to hypnotherapy as a way to tackle this habit, and it is very effective in most people.

Is it for you?

Hypnotherapy works on the subconscious mind, by relaxing and listening to the therapist you can re-train your thought process to see smoking as unacceptable and unhealthy.

Hypnosis is nothing to worry about, you do not have to go into a total state of trance, you are in a safe, secure and confidential environment. The therapy room is calm, modern and has air conditioning for your comfort.

At The Therapy Centre, we have had great success with our hypnotherapy for smokers, and now offer a one session solution.