Nerves and anxiety


Stressed? When the day starts well and ends stressed then tomorrow has to be better. What if tomorrow isn’t better? When life weighs heavily on your shoulders and everything ends in unrest, unhappiness or feeling burnt out, or feeling nervous or anxious is part of every day life, where do you turn for help?

Too many headaches, achy bones, difficulty concentrating? These symptoms can signify stress, anxiety, tension and if not treated are potentially life threatening. Research tells us that most sufferers of stress, anxiety or nerves are reluctant to seek help as they believe it is their personality. Nobody enters this World nervous and anxious, don’t leave it that way.


Do you have test day nerves? Uneasy walking into a room full of strangers, does seeing the dentist or the doctor leave you feeling sick, or do you just worry about everyday things and wished you didn’t. This is where we can help, we have a clinic in Northamptonshire, but we can also offer you sessions through Skype too. We will help you through coaching, hypnotherapy or NLP techniques, to be a new confident you. Call us today. Qualified male and female coaches working in a family run business.

Feeling nervous can affect us all at different times in our lives, but what if you happen to be one of the many sufferers who have to try and combat nerves and anxiety as part of everyday life. There are many studies into why it affects some more than others, but what can you really expect when other things have failed.

Well, relying on medication is a short term fix not a long term solution, so what is the first step towards a control of those feelings. Chamomile tea, having a nice cuppa, can soothe those nerves, a recent study did show that those who were trying to deal with nervousness found that they were calmer after a cup of  Matricaria recutita (Chamomile). So will it work long term? It may be a solution for one off situations, but not for getting to the root of the problem. Those of you that have been to the GP for help, may have been referred for counselling, for some it helps, but counselling deals with a problem, specifically, it doesn’t get to the root of chemical make up and how beating nerves and anxiety for good needs to be more specialised, this sort of real time help is available. Learn how to deal with exam day nerves, have interview confidence, with personal triggers in place for you to switch on at that most important time. Change mountains into mole hills and take control of your destiny.

Come and see one of our coaches, the first consultation is FREE, if we can help you then you will be able to establish what’s next from this initial meeting. Come to our inhouse clinic or take your consultation via Skype. Further consultations are avilable through Skype, so you can get help wherever in the World you happen to be.

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