Spring 2017


The launch of our new website brings us into spring, lighter nights, fresh flowers, blue skies, if a little chilly still. The darker nights and winter days can bring on the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), for many these are relieved by extra sunlight and a change in temperature. For others the symptoms can linger, and a lifted mood is hard to imagine, hoping for better days doesn’t always work, so how can you lift your mood?

Nice aromas. It’s true, the senses are tickled by smells that we like, it could be the waft of freshly baked bread, cut grass or chocolate. If there is a smell that makes you smile, stirs a memory or makes you feel happy then an artificial replacement for that smell, in your home, can be a real boost. The real smell of freshly cut grass for example, captured in a candle or air freshener, when you walk through the door. To light or spray at the start or the end of your day.

Pictures. Seeing the same things everyday can be depressing, a picture of something that is busy, like a beach or a party can be distracting and absorbing. Changing or moving around any pictures or photos you have in the home for different times of year. A photo that makes you smile every time you look at it, in a place you will see it often. If you find you are starting to pass the photo by as part of familiarity, it’s time to change it again.

Music. It can make you cry, laugh, smile, any of these emotions stir your brain, it may wander and that is good for us. Hiding from our feelings is damaging to mental health. If our legs ache from sitting down for too long, we walk around, yet when our mind asks for exercise, we frequently ignore it.

Feeling low doesn’t have to be all the time. Trying some of these mood boosters can give you a lift. Mindfulness can also help release your mind from the loop of repetitive worry or stress. If you would like some tips, to meet a therapist for free, or to sign up for a course, message us through the website using the contact form. We are here for you.