Walking in my Shoes


sunnyEach shadow in the August sun is a reminder that all is not right in my world, constantly encouraged to be grateful and happy for the grass that is green the sky that is blue and the fact that I can walk freely through the streets I know without fear. Yet the world that flutters at my feet, however beautiful, does not lift the shadow that dances to my footsteps. Sometimes, all the time, I feel alone, however full my house, however full my mind, there is just surely me. The words, cheer up it hasn’t happened yet, are actually not true. To be standing in my shoes and to watch the sun go down on another day means it has happened already. Sadness is beside me and I have no idea why. I can’t snap out of it or turn the page into a new chapter until the one I am wandering through, dazed and directionless has a conclusion.

How can life be a blanket of checkered colours and yet so plain, where happiness escapes me. One smile or one sudden laugh at something that tickled me suddenly becomes a monumental moment, everyone wants to grab my moment and make it theirs, you can see the hope in their eyes and the frozen smiles on their lips considering a maybe change in me. I don’t want to disappoint them, I want them to be happy, I want to be happy, but the light is off and my shoes are heavy.

What caused me to find an umbrella so dark I cannot close it, so heavy I am weary with the weight of being me and my umbrella is just one more burden to bear.

The above extract is taken from someone caught in the cloud of depression, a view of the world as they see it, and the problems faced when nobody understands. A broken leg is visible, you can see there is something wrong, and can see when it is fixed. Depression is different. If you have ever been in a dark place then looking for a light to switch on is the hardest task, and for some a task they do not want to even try. Suicide rates in the UK are too high, especially amongst young people under the age of 25.

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Let today be the first step into a new bright future of hope and happiness